CALO Young Adults
Co-ed / Ages 18–30
Enrollment: 24 beds

At Calo Young Adults we heal the effects of developmental trauma using an attachment paradigm. Young adults with a history of trauma (relinquishment/adoption, abuse or neglect) who struggle in the areas of empathy, reciprocity and relationship formation are our focus. Healing this damage requires that lasting change be created within the context of safe relationships, not by virtue of consequences and rewards. Using our proprietary CASA model, along with our canine program (transferable attachment), and therapies such as nuerofeedback and brainspotting, Calo Young Adults helps students create purpose and joy through the experience of a productive, interdependent life.

Jon Young, Director of Admissions:
6 North Stewart Street, Winchester, VA

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Washington Dulles International Airport
The George Washington A Wyndham Grand Hotel