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Greenbrier Academy for Girls
Female / Ages 13–18
Enrollment: 53

Greenbrier Academy for Girls is a private, therapeutic boarding school for girls in grades 8-12 which offers an engaging college-preparatory curriculum within a therapeutic environment. Students also engage in a wide variety of outdoor and extracurricular activities. Greenbrier Academy is designed for average to above average students who have struggled with issues of depression, anxiety, ADHD, self- esteem, substance abuse, grief, loss and adoption issues, but who share a desire to move forward in their lives.

“I remember looking forward to our weekly family therapy calls because I could literally hear and sense change occurring on a week to week basis. However I remained skeptical until she started coming home for planned breaks. It was amazing to see her seek a new friend group, that more accurately reflected her new emerging identity. I remember thinking it was like she had aged five years in terms of her thinking and maturity.”

Beth Ragland:
158 Academy Drive, Pence Springs, WV 24962
PO Box 798, Alderson, WV 24910